Daytona MSK For Sale

I'm selling a TNK/Daniel Pasaye made MSK DG. It was changed into a DG in 2015, when I purchased it. I had TNK Guns trim the barrel down to 11.5" and Daniel Pasaye R-Hopped the barrel. I broke it in myself over the course of 5k rounds, using recommended BBs. I skirmished it a few times, but I've fallen out of airsoft and into photography. I'm selling to fund more camera equipment and/or real steel firearms.

These DGs are as realistic as airsoft gets. They shoot far and recoil hard. It's a blast to tinker with and when you're on the field the heads turn!

Everything in the picture is included. Stock adapter for M4 style buffer tubes, red dot sight, sling, rail sling adapter, and flaming pig noise amplifier.

Two issues are:
Threading on amplifier is caught. I do not recommend tightening or loosening it.
Trigger will fire on full auto, but selector jams it in single, I'm not interested in spending the time to correct it.

Asking $650 + shipping ($30).



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