Daytona Gun Airshaft/Plunger Length Sheet (Update Mar 2017)

Shaft length is measured from Collar(where crush ring sits) to nozzle tip(hopup direction)

This is mattering the BB placement and how consistent Hopup can be.

Unit: Millimeter(mm)
[Tolerance +- 0.05]
Shaft length/plunger length

LCT AK --62.5/32mm

GP m4 --73.5/27mm

WE m4 --76/28.5mm

VFC M27 --75/28.5mm

Ares SR-25 --80.6/34mm

CA FAL --66/30.5mm

WE SCAR-L --73/30.5mm

WE SCAR-H --73/30.5mm

CA G36 --66/30.5mm

WE MSK --91.6/34mm

A&K M249 --115/32mm (NEW)

A&K M60 --134/34mm

A&K PKM --133/34mm

A&K M240 --134/34mm

G&G L85 --73.5/??mm
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