LCT / E&L AK and RPK Kit Installation Guide

Document Installation Guide:

Note: Trigger spring is no longer needed for the kits produced after November 2017.
Video Guide (French with English Subtitle):

E&L AK will require outer barrel to be threaded in order to fit into DG hopup chamber.


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    Daytona gun Gen 4 ak kit in LCT 104)
    The only real issue I had was to do with the the selector, most notably, safety and semi not working. I had also asked about the gap between the bolt and the trunnion, but was informed that this is normal for this type of Daytona gun.
    Safety: when assembled without modification, the selector sat too far from the trigger, not allowing he saftey to be engaged when the lever was set to the 'safe' position. To address this issue, I contacted Kevin Yu, and Jeff Hou of BlackBlitz Airsoft Inc. Through some mutual troubleshooting, Jeff discovered that the folding stock mechanism caused the Daytona FCG to sit too far forward. He suggested that I remove some material from the dg FCG (see first picture) to compensate for the extra distance. This distance was just enough to seat the FCG in the right position for the saftey to be engaged when set in the 'safe' position. I also found that for my specific kit, only the lower section of the FCG needed to be filed. The area where they guide rod slides into did not need any filing, and fit flush against the back of the receiver.
    Semi: my first issue with semi not working was caused by the FCG being misaligned. Once corrected, the levers were in the proper position to allow single fire, however, the disconnect on the semi lever was a little bit too short, which caused it to not reset after the bolt had slid over it. To correct this issue, I created a new piece out of brass, and replaced the stock one (one on left is new, right is original). There may have been other ways to address this problem without the need to create a new part, however, I found this to be the most direct method, and chose not to look for other solutions.
    I will post updates if I find that I had forgotten anything, or if anyone has any questions or wants more information on something.
    I'd like to thank Kevin and Jeff once again for all of their help, and would also like to recommend BlackBlitz Airsoft for anything Airsoft related, be it product, or tech work.
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