All about ore milling equipments

Brief Introduction to ore milling equipments
ore milling equipments are crushing plants that complete the material crushing process through the crushing chamber composed by movable jaw and fixed jaw that stimulates the movement of the two jaws of animals. They are widely used for the coarse granularity and medium granularity material crushing in the industries of mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemistry. The highest compression strength of the materials to be crushed is 320Mpa.
According to the width of the feeding mouth, ore milling equipment are divided into large, medium and small types; ore milling equipment whose width of the feeding mouth is bigger than 600MM is large machine; whose width of the feeding mouth is 300-600MM is medium machine and whose width of the feeding mouth is smaller than 300MM is small type machine. ore milling equipments are simple in structure, easy in production, reliable in working condition and convenient in use and maintenance.
Types and Classifications of ore milling equipments
According to the swinging means of the jaw plate, ore milling equipments can be divided into simple pendulum ore milling equipment, complex pendulum ore milling equipment and compound pendulum ore milling equipment.
Working Parts and Principle of ore milling equipments
The working parts of ore milling equipments are two jaw plates: one is fixed jaw plate which is vertically fixed on the front wall of the machine and the other is movable jaw plate which is slant and forms a crushing chamber together with the fixed jaw plate. The movable jaw plate regularly and repeatedly moves to and away from the fixed jaw plate. When it moves away from the fixed jaw plate, the materials go into the crushing chamber and the final products are discharged out from the bottom of the machine; when it moves to the fixed jaw, the materials between the two jaw plates are squeezed and impacted and finally crushed.
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