Advantage of ore milling equipment

Currently, lime kiln is commonly divided
into two main categories:
1. Rotary
kiln or ore milling equipment, which has a horizontal shaft with a slight inclination, and can make rotational motion;
2. Shaft
kiln or vertical kiln, it is vertical and can rotate.
Different people had different views on the two kind of lime kiln: some people think that vertical kiln covers a small area and costs lower on construction investment and running costs; while some people think that the yield of vertical kiln is low and the pollution is serious, so most users still use ore milling equipment as main rotary kiln equipment.
ore milling equipment has high running stability when burns lime, and has low requirements on coal quality. What is more, the large output, better environmental effect and other advantage of ore milling equipment make it the best kiln for mass lime production.
Compared with vertical kiln, the advantages of ore milling equipment are as follows:
1. ore milling equipment can be used to burn small particles of limestone, while shaft kiln can do it.
2. The quality of quick lime produced by ore milling equipment is easier to be controlled.
3. The weight of ore milling equipment is even without large fluctuations.
4. The operation of ore milling equipment is simple, easy to stop and restart.
5. The production scale of ore milling equipment is large, can be more than 1000tons/d.
6. Due to the large capacity of the ore milling equipment, fewer operators are needed when it in work.
7. The productivity of ore milling equipment is higher under same other conditions.
8. The product quality of ore milling equipment is better than that of vertical kiln.
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