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Graphene discoverer Andrei Heim has publicly stated that the level of China's graphene industry in the international leading position. September 22-24, held in Qingdao, China International Cerebroene Innovation Conference in 2016, he pointed out that China's current introduction of graphene products generally low-end characteristics, has not yet played graphene "real energy." In 2014-2016, domestic enterprises have launched graphene underwear, U-pillow, tires, coatings, heating films, mobile power, health supplies and other products, more graphene powder added to a variety of products to improve Ore Milling Equipment performance, Extensive application areas. But the amount of less and does not play a major role, graphene can only be used as auxiliary materials, which won the "industrial monosodium glutamate" title.

From the number of patent applications this indicator, the China Ore Milling Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance statistics show that by 2015 China's graphene-related patents received the number of 7522, ranking first in the world, followed by the United States and South Korea. At present, there are about 400 domestic enterprises operating graphene business, the graphene as the main business of about 70, mostly small, start and other characteristics. press

For a relatively mature industry or technical field, the main body of patent applications should be business. Domestic graphene research field is basically monopolized by universities and scientific research institutions, which also shows that graphene in China is still a new technology industry, out of the laboratory still need time. The only list of Chinese enterprises on the ocean (002724.SZ) Although the number of applications for the previous period more, but the number of applications in recent years drastically reduced, and the gradual withdrawal of the trend.

2016 - 2017 is the graphene industry can achieve a breakthrough in the key years. If the two years did not achieve industrial application breakthrough, the existing goal of graphene industry planning is difficult to achieve. One or two years after no results, policy support will decline. "When it comes to the prospect of graphene application, an analyst cautiously answers.

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