Reasonable maintenance of ultrafine grinding reducer to realize safety and durability of equipment

The energy-saving superfine grinding equipment has the superiority of super abrasion enduring use, in large-scale grinding production line such as mineral processing project, coal field milling production, cement raw material preparation of the project has an important application, ultrafine mill with high milling rate, safe and reliable, easy to operate and other advantages, while in the flour mill production line reflected in the high grinding output, Super large material handling capacity is highly praised by the market economy. Superfine Powder Grinder As a professional manufacturer of one of the production of ultra-fine grinding, with its excellent advanced technology, efficient and energy-saving features and perfect pre-sales after-sales service, to meet the domestic and foreign users of the inspection and testing.

Ultra-fine grinding machine's advanced energy-saving efficiency is strong, has been the inspection of the major production lines, at the same time in combination with many ultra-fine grinding experience, summed up some of the protection principles to more effective maintenance equipment, the degree of prolonged grinding machine service life:

  • 1. Equipment cleaning treatment is very important, moisture-proof, prevent blockage, reduce wear, especially to keep the deceleration motor clean, and timely adjustment, fastening loose parts and components, in order to prevent loose and aggravating the wear or tear parts and components lost.
  • 2. The selection and application of lubricating oil have certain skills, according to the equipment raw materials selection of suitable smooth oil, such as input power is greater than 11KW speed reducer motor must be injected in the load gear oil, often check the use of lubricating oil, once found in the shortage of fuel, should be added in time to maintain the oil level and quality, should be strengthened energy-saving ultrafine mill smooth , in the running-in period, to the smooth point of the week to add smooth grease (special needs outside). Vertical Belt Pump reducer to connect the power supply to pay attention to the oil pump rotation direction, clockwise rotation to accurate.
  • 3. After the running-in period, the reducer should be forced to maintain, do a good job of energy-saving ultra-fine grinding to view and adjust the operation, pay attention to the replacement of oil. As the saying goes, the use of energy-saving ultra-fine grinding is the use of knowledge. The Ultrafine mill has large volume and heavy weight, which causes the foundation to sink; A monitoring settlement point is set up on the basis of the foundation, and observations are made to make adjustments when sinking is found.
  • 4. Ultra-fine mill and reducer balance axis, the axis is not always on the line, the cause of the mill device lining plate, no two grouting, or two grouting after the anchor bolts are not fastened properly, with the hoist to rotate the cylinder body, resulting in the grinding cylinder at one end of the displacement, and the two axes are not always on the line, so that the speed reducer unit after the vibration of the machine. Processing method: To adjust the head of the ball mill shaft and reducer axis in the same plane axis line.
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